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Queen of the Fiestas Promises to Represent Nicoya with Pride

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The candidates were radiant. Each had picked their best dress, and with every step they captivated gazes and took the spectators’ breath away, in front of an overflowing crowd in Ricardo Briceño Park on Tuesday, February 4.

The election of the new queen of the Nicoya fiestas began at 7 p.m. From the start, the event generated significant anticipation among those in attendance, who gathered around the park’s new pavilion, which was finally finished and used for the first time.

The activity also included artists Maria Jose Castillo and Yecson Carvajal, who energized the Nicoyan crowd by playing several songs. In addition, folkloric dance groups Ojoche and Kumbala were present, performing traditional and popular dances, mixing cumbia and ballet.

Afterwards the eight candidates were brought on stage, each in their casual dress. They proceeded to parade before the crowd and jury. Then they toured the walkway in their evening gowns.

The final part of the contest was a round of questions, which was one of the most important, as each candidate’s personality and answers were taken into account. The questions were on subjects including jobs, the economy, culture, tourism and safe sex.

After time for deliberation, the jury, made up of Fabiana Granados, the current Miss Costa Rica, and the journalists Camilo Rodriguez and Rogelio Benavidas “TiaZelmira,” among others, elected Cynthia Fajardo Carrillo, a 16 year-old, as the Queen of the fiestas.

Ivannia Arias and Alejandra Chacon were elected first and second ladies of the fiestas.

During the preliminary round of questions, Fajardo was asked how she would help young Nicoyans avoid unplanned pregnancies. She responded that she would do so by giving presentations with sexual education information, and also encouraging them to talk with their parents or trusted friends about the subject.

The queen had words of praise for Fabiana Granadas, as she affirmed that, “She is the pride of Guanacaste and she shows that beautiful women aren’t only in the central valley.”

Fajardo promised that she’ll work to represent all Nicoyans with pride and take full advantage of all events during the fiestas.