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RAD Parties Promise to Keep Spirits High Going into Low Season

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What started in February as a series of secret underground parties isn’t secret anymore.

DJ Paul DaCosta and former manager of La Banana Bar Marine Jaud teamed up to develop RAD parties, a groovy psychedelic style of site-specific parties with artists, musicians, DJs, performers, fashion and more coming together to liven up the night.

“We are looking at interesting places and also want to work in conjunction with other event organizers in order to maximize the enjoyment for the people and tourists of Crazy Town,” explained DaCosta.

He added that their main ambition is to create the means by which “artists, musicians, etc. can be gainfully employed, in a rich artistic environment, which will also as a result benefit the businesses here as well as providing some small inspiration for the young especially in regards to the concept of Arts & Regeneration and what that might mean to them personally.”

The parties are named after Jaud’s women’s eclectic clothing store in Guiones, R.A.D. Boutique. Jaud oversees the fashion and design aspects of the parties and is an accomplished DJ.

So far, two RAD parties have been held on the beach in Garza at Barco del Amor and two in the garden at La Luna restaurant in Pelada.

“The attendance has been off the hook and we are getting a rep for it,” DaCosta related. “La Luna sold out of all their alcohol as did el Barco. At el Barco, we had Dan Bailey and Lauren Chu providing drumming and extreme yoga. The crowd loved it! I think that the idea we have of art/music parties with eclectic groovy music is proving very popular indeed.”

Future venues for RAD parties include Climbing Nosara, Eskina Skate Park, L’acqua Viva Resort & Spa and Don Quixote in Garza Beach. Dates are being planned to not coincide with other activities. To find out about upcoming DJ and live music events, including RAD parties, look for the new Nosara Timeout page on Facebook.