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Residents Speak Out About Materials Stolen from Rio Grande Bridge Project in Nicoya

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Municipal authorities are investigating thefts of materials that have occurred over the last few weeks at the construction site of the bridge over the Grande River, located near the Riteve facility in Nicoya.

To one side of the structure there are large amounts of limestone that are used for the construction project and as refill for the road.

However, because it is out in the open and without any shelter, individuals have been seen arriving with pickup trucks, loading up material in the bed and driving away.

Alexis Bogantes, a resident of San Martin, said that he has seen several people. “They arrive in their cars and fill them up with material without shame, like it belonged to them,” he explained.

“This angers me because this is municipal money that we all have to pay,” said Bogantes.

Victor Reyes, the new chief of the Technical Unit of Roadways Management in Nicoya (UTGV – Unidad Tecnica de Gestion Vial de Nicoya), indicated that they are investigating why the material doesn’t have any kind of security.

Reyes reported that the materials are “contaminated,” due to the fact that they were previously used for to form part of the substructure of the road leading up to the bridge.

According to data from UTGV, the municipality has invested ₡7 million ($14,000) in the purchase of limestone from Pedregal, though part of the order still remains at the company’s plant.

Currently, a crew from the MOPT branch in Nicoya is working on the structure and is now finishing the metal and soldering stage.

GIlberth Guido, a MOPT official, explained that in the first week of June they will begin to pour concrete for the structure. They will then wait for a month for it to dry, which is why it is estimated the bridge will be finished at the end of July.

For his part, Victor Reyes said that they will look for support from Public Force officials to constantly patrol the bridge and avoid further thefts.