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RF Engineers, the water specialists in Guanacaste

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Many of the activities associated with the development of the community involve the use of water. A suitable model that guarantees the responsible use of water resources has become more necessary than ever, and a Guanacaste business, conscious of this situation, has specialized in providing the best solutions in what we refer to as hydraulic systems.

RF Engineers is a company that provides immediate solutions for the design, consultation, sales and installation of the most diverse hydraulic systems for irrigation, residential use, swimming pools, and even for human consumption in the water supplies of entire communities. Several communities in Guanacaste already rely on systems installed by this company with excellent results backed by the expert opinions of qualified and experienced professionals.

There are diverse in matters of water, and RF Engineers has solutions for any: cleaning of tanks, installation, maintenance and replacement of underwater equipment, hydrostatic testing of plumbing for potable water supplies, distribution and installation of automatic systems for the filling of tanks, and everything related to pumps. Also for filtration and purification with the newest technology available on the market. In order to carry out these often complex installations, they use powerful and efficient machinery including an impressive crane which supports up to 10 tonnes and has a reach of 20 meters. This crane is also available to clients who require its services for projects that are not necessarily related to water systems.

And, as true water specialists, they are also environmentally friendly. The company offers solar water heaters and tanks which can be installed in homes, businesses or offices.

If you’d like to employ any services that don’t appear in this list, call 8701-2517 or 8821-1413 and speak with these folks who really know water and will surely have the best solution for you at the best price. Schools, residential, ASADAs, hotels, homes… anything you need, if need to consult the true water experts, do it with the folks who know best.