Rumors Allayed About Possible Closure of Nosara EBAIS

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With rumors mounting that the Nosara EBAIS might close, the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN) requested an audience with the director of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), and a delegation from Nosara went to San Jose on Wednesday, May 15, to discuss the matter.

According to Marcos Avila, president of ADIN, the meeting cleared up doubts as the delegates were reassured that the EBAIS will definitely not be closed because of the distance of the area from the hospital. 

Rather, the CCSS is looking to prepare a budget for remodeling the clinic, evaluating priorities such as the archives and the pharmacy. In December 2010, expansion and remodeling plans were discarded for this health center.

A visit is being scheduled for engineers from the CCSS to evaluate the clinic to see what needs to be done and determine how much should be budgeted.

In addition, Avila said arrangements are being made for blood tests to be done in Nosara twice a month so that people will no longer have to travel to Nicoya for this service. However, they are still looking into methods of transporting the blood samples from EBAIS to San Jose for analysis. 

“It is a huge achievement,” Avila assured, “but we have to keep pressuring more to achieve it.”