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Sámara Children’s Soccer Team Achieves Runner Up in Province

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Happy and proud of the hard work done. In this way the soccer team of Torito and Sámara Schools finished as runners up in the province’s 2013 Student Tournament.

The championship game was against the team from Alba Ocampo School in Liberia. In the first leg, which took place in the Torito soccer field (Plaza de Football del Torito) in Sámara this past September 18th, the score was 1-4 against the home team. The second leg of the series was two days later at the Plaza Rodríguez in Liberia under the hot sun of the white city, with a win 6-0 categorical win for the home team.

However, winning runner up was a well-deserved reward for the children, who finished the match with tired faces and shirts soaked with sweat, proudly finishing a time that they will never forget.

The road to the final

The 2013 Student Games tournament (Juegos Deportivos Estudiantiles) began on June 18th in the Delicias de Garza School, which the first games were played, in which schools of Circuit 06 of Sámara and Nosara competed.

On that date the following teams participated: PP2 (Unidocentes), San Fernando-Barco Quebrado, and the Torito-Samara team that won games against the combination of San Fernando-Barco Quebrado (4-0) and later against PP2 Unidocentes (4-1).

In this way the Torito-Sámara team became champion of the Circuit 06, moving into the next phase, the regional stage, which took place in Santa Ana de Nicoya and during which the team played against teams from Santa Ana and Nandayure.

In that phase, the Samareños tied the first game (4-4) against the team of Santa Ana and later would win (4-3) against the representatives from Nandayure, thus becoming champions of the Regional Directorate of Education of Nicoya and continuing on to the inter-regional phase 1.

In that stage the teams faced the Central School of Philadelphia, and San Pedro de Jicaral School, respective champions of the Regional Directorates of Education in Philadelphia and the Peninsula.

By winning the two games against these two rivals, the brave boys were awarded the title of interregional champions, or rather champions of the bajura (lowlands), which enabled them to reach the final.

This achievement was made possible with the help of teachers from both institutions as well as parents, because they all had to share costs, and of course the children, who put all their determination towards achieving their dream.

The team:

Director of El Torito School: María de los Ángeles Acosta Gómez.

Director of Sámara School: Luisa Villareal.

Coach: Deyvi Grijalva Gutiérrez.

Players : Keilor Alvarado Valencia, Alexandre Rodríguez Valencia, Hernán Rosales Ramírez, Yoshuar Alí Valencia Orozco, Yordy Yardel Arias Arias, Narayan Mendoza Jirón, Dylan Fabián Rangel Valencia, Yosuel Cruz Villalobos, Daniel Adrián Hernández Castrillo, Yemerson Andrés Rodríguez López, Junior Hernández Mendoza, Jefrey Zuñiga Hernández, Dylan Esteban Alvarado Acosta, Axel Madrigal Jirón, Andrés David Sepúlveda Pulían, Anthony Arias Cerdas.