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Samara Has a Lot Going On. Time to Spread the Word

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Entering Samara from the beach at the main street, you see the police station, the post office and the town water company.  Across from the official buildings is a small garden tended lovingly by Don Eduardo.  Don Eduardo is known as “the water guy” by many expats.  He is lovely, gracious man, a former teacher and one of the founders of Samara.  He runs the water company handling everything from reading meters, to billing to handling emergencies. He planted the garden to beautify Samara and demonstrate gardening with  beautiful plants that don’t require extra watering.  Don Eduardo’s garden is symbolic of Samara in many ways.  

It is something special, created by someone who has a passion for beauty and the community, but I bet half of the residents aren’t even aware of its existence.  It is both a great gift and a missed opportunity.  If everyone who lives here could learn about the plants in that garden and how to landscape and care for them the whole town would benefit. We are a community of very independent, strong  people with great intentions who revel in doing our own thing in our own way.  That is wonderful, and contagious.  One person does something and inspires another and then another.  So much good gets accomplished this way.  I just wish we could get the word out better.  I wish I knew who was doing what and where and when.

There are a few information sources, Brenda and Chris at the Samara Info Center do a great job of announcing community events on their Facebook page, for example, but still, so much goes on here that only a small group of people seem to find out about.  CREAR sponsors wonderful programs for the community and has its own website and Blogs, but I wonder how many residents and visitors even know about CREAR? the library at CREAR? The volunteer coordinator?

I don’t have an answer in hand for how to spread the word within the community better, but I hope locals who read this will give it some thought and we can work towards improving communications.   I wonder who else in Samara, like Don Eduardo, is doing something, or even dreaming of doing something, but has not gotten the word out beyond his or her own immediate circle of friends and associates.  Happenings and resources you may have missed:A group of residents came together to collect materials and paint a mural on the wall of Super Samara.  They are still working on it and need materials including paint and brushes.  Contact Maliha thru Luv Burger.

Several residents are looking for ways to identify and recognize businesses that are actively working to protect our waterways from pollution and to encourage  those who are not to participate.  Any ideas???  Join the Facebook group, “Let’s Keep Samara’s Ocean Clean” to learn more and get connected.

Samara has  a new yoga studio that is beautiful, peaceful and has AC!  Stop by Patio Colonial to see for yourself.

There is a new restaurant opening soon on the Samara soccer field called Elemental.  Ronan Harvey (formerly at Lo Q’ Hay) and April Furanna are the driving forces here.  Ronan wants to use his arts education experience to provide a meeting place for artists and to provide outdoor space for classes in arts and crafts.  Want to know more?  Stay tuned.

Plans are under way to make Isla Chora a protected area.  There have been public meetings.There are teachers in town willing to teach painting, photography, glass fusion…..  How do you find them?

There are artisans and experts with a wealth of talents and know how, who would be willing to mentor both children and adults.  How can we connect them?

There are some amazing artists and craftspeople in this town.  How can we promote them?This is a great town with a lot to offer for such a small community.  We just need to get the word out.