Samara Has Its First Hotel Certified Carbon Neutral

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In June, Hotel Giada became the first establishment in Samara to obtain the 100% Carbon Neutral certification.

“The process began in 2009, changing light bulbs, recycling and trying to create awareness among our employees and guests,” says Giorgio Carletto, the hotel’s general manager.

Initially advised by EARTH University (pioneers in carbon neutrality in Costa Rica), they made the commitment to decrease their carbon footprint. Since then, they’ve maintained an ecological awareness program.

All of the rooms have a book for guests that promotes different ecological practices such as respect for nature, conserving energy resources and recycling.

The 24 rooms have cutting edge air conditioners that use gases that pollute less and are more efficient with regard to consumption. For hot water, 10 solar panels were installed on the roof that, according to Carletto, have helped a lot to reduce electric bills. In addition, a log of gas emissions and preventative maintenance programs is updated every four months.

Being carbon neutral means reducing and offsetting the contaminating carbon dioxide gases emitted through the use of air conditioners, fuels or excess electricity, among other sources.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which are affecting the atmosphere and raising the planet’s temperature, carbon neutrality can bring financial benefits to any company, as it provides a control of fuel consumption and a reduction in the use of electricity.

On the other hand, the three-star hotel also has received a four-leaf Certificate of Tourism Sustainability from the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (the certification has a scale of up to five “leaves”).

“Our hope is that our colleagues in the sector continue raising awareness and taking advantage of the benefits, since it’s less difficult than they think,” said Carletto.