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Samara Has Visitors: Whales Have Arrived!

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Just like any other tourist spot, Samara receives visitors every day. However, since the beginning of August and possibly until December, the district has some special invitees: humpback whales.

According to Roberto Arce, owner of Carrillo Adventures & Travel, the whales have been spending a few months in Samara for the past three years, as local waters have been showing characteristics similar to those of the South Pacific.

“The whales normally come from north of the United States and arrive in Costa Rica to give birth and care for their young. Before it was common that they would continue until the South Pacific [region] of the country, but for the past three years they have been staying in Samara, as the ocean is showing calm and warm water conditions, which is what they look for,” explained Arce.

Humpback whales can measure 16 meters in length and weigh up to 36,000 kilograms.

Want to See Them?

For those interested in watching the majestic spectacle of these impressive animals, Carrillo Adventures & Travel is offering the chance to get a closer look.

“We always tell our clients that we cannot guarantee that they’ll see whales, as you can’t control nature and the animals aren’t in a zoo; here it’s different, hough there is a good chance that they will see them,” explained Arce.

Although the big attraction during this season is the whales, dolphins can definitely be seen, as the animals patrol the Samara’s waters throughout the year.

According to Arce, the whale and dolphin-watching tour includes the option of sport fishing and enjoying a swim in the ocean. It costs $55 per person; Costa Ricans get a 20% discount in this season.

The trip lasts approximately four hours and those looking to reserve a spot can call 2656-0606 or send an email to [email protected]