Samara Infants and Children Might Get Child Care Scholarships

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Manuela Soltermann is Swiss and is also a mom. When her son was born, her life changed and she saw the need to create a daycare in Samara to take care of children while parents are at work. She also noted that not everyone could pay for this service.

Thus Soltermann got the idea in her head for Asociación Alas para Niños de Sámara (The Wings for Samara Children Association), which will open in November.


“For many families, paying for child care is a luxury and that means that many women can not go to work,” said the Swiss woman.

The project will look for companies and investors that want to donate money to provide scholarships to children from 0 to 5 years old who need care. In addition, it will offer a childcare option for families who do have the financial ability to pay a monthly fee.


According to Soltermann’s calculations, workers like waiters in Samara could not afford a place to care for their children.


“A waiter in Samara earns approximately ¢1,400 per hour, which is equivalent to about $2.60 per hour and a monthly salary of $450. A simple apartment with two bedrooms costs at least $350 and buying a week’s supply of food, personal hygiene items and things children need such as diapers easily adds up to $90; in other words, the income would not be enough to pay a daycare.”


The association will also give priority to single mothers. According to an analysis of INEC data by The Voice of Guanacaste, Guanacaste is the province with the third highest rate of pregnancies of women under 18 years of age.


For now, the project will begin in November at the Amapola Daycare facility, near the El Delfin supermarket in the center of Samara. Next year, the Swiss woman intends to have her own location, where swimming and surfing clubs can be opened.