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Samara Public Force Has New Patrol Vehicle

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On December 10, the Samara police received a 2008 Mazda pickup from the Ministry of Security to use in patrolling the district’s neighborhoods. The patrol unit has new tires, air conditioning and is in “optimal conditions,” according to Samara Police Chief Jorge Luis Jimenez Gonzalez.

The Public Force in San Jose recently received new patrol vehicles and thereafter sent various used patrol vehicles to be distributed in Guanacaste, including this one that was allocated to Samara.

Samara’s other patrol vehicle has been in and out of the mechanic’s shop since November due to a hole in the radiator. Jimenez explained that the Ministry of Security only has one mechanic in Nicoya who services all of their vehicles for Nicoya, Hojancha, Nandayure and Santa Cruz, so he is overloaded with work, but once the vehicle is fixed, the Samara Public Force will have two patrol units.