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Samara Residents Ask Minister Gamboa for Better Security, Citing Higher Crime

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On July 7, a group of Samara residents met with local Public Force officials and the director of the Regional Community Security Committee, Dennis Garcia, hoping to find solutions for the area’s crime problems that have been on the rise as of late.

Under the auspices of the Community Security Committee, the residents had written a letter, urgently requesting a meeting, to Minister of Public Security Celso Gamboa, President Luis Guillermo Solis, and Juan Jose Andrade, the general director of the Public Force.

The letter was mailed on July 15. However, as of today (August 7) the residents had not received any response.

“In name of the residents of Samara and the surrounding area, we beg you to help us resolve this situation, as it is urgent. Let’s not allow our country’s image to continue to be tainted in world’s eyes,” said the letter.

According to Garcia, the residents hope to meet with high-ranking officials of the Public Force to request that more resources be mobilized in Samara to combat crime.

“In Samara there are bad numbers of crimes; in reality the complaints that are filed do not correspond to the number of crimes committed. It’s necessary that citizens go through with the complaint and collaborate with authorities,” said Garcia.

Garcia said that, from January to June of 2013, residents made a total of 49 calls to the Public Force to report some kind of crime. For the same period in 2014, 61 complaints have been registered.

The Samara police branch has 25 officials that work in shifts of six days. However, not all the officials patrol the area; at least three work in cleaning, maintenance and attending to the public. There are two quads and two patrol cars, all of which are in bad shape. The branch is charged with protecting the security of the entire district, which has approximately 3,500 residents in total.