Samara Will Have a New Mural and Bulletin Board

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The Que Lindo Art Fair festival held in late January in Samara not only entertained  visitors with a variety of beautiful artistic works, but also supported the community with monetary donations.

The CREAR library and Samara Pacific School will receive ¢86,000 (about $162) to fund two artistic projects that benefit the institutions.

In the case of CREAR, the money will be allocated to a mural on one wall of the Samara Community, where the library is located.

“We want to do a mural that represents our diversity as human beings but also reflects our similarities. The idea is to paint it with fifth, sixth and seventh grade students,” specified Andrea Keith, director of CREAR.

In the case of Samara Pacific School, the donation will be spent on making an information board on the main street with news and announcements for the community and the school.

Both CREAR and Samara Pacific School will do their projects during the month of March.

CREAR Has More Support

In addition to the stimulus received by the Que Lindo Art Fair, the library received a donation of $500 from the proceeds of the SamaRun race, which was held on February 14th.

According to Keith, the money will be used to paint the community hall along with 13 student volunteers from the United States.

“We moved in [to the community hall] in June and it was neglected, but we take pride in the hall. When you take pride, you take over a place more and appreciate it more. We have given life to this space that wasn’t taken advantage of much,” said the director of CREAR.

The volunteers will start painting the hall on March 9th.