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Santa Cruz reports the first 2 COVID-19-free patients from Guanacaste

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Two Santa Cruz residents received the news that the SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for the Covid-19 disease, is no longer circulating in their body. They are the first two cases discharged in Guanacaste.

The patients only had mild symptoms, so they rested at home under medical supervision. The first of them quarantined since March 7, and the second since March 12, according to the report of the Santa Cruz Health Steering Area.

To discharge them, the medical staff found that none of them had symptoms. Then two blood samples were taken from each in a 24-hour period, as required by the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Last week, the Costa Rican Institute for Research and Teaching on Nutrition and Health sent the negative results of all the tests.

Out of the three COVID-19 cases registered in Santa Cruz, as of today, April 8, only one patient remains under the supervision of doctors.

More tests on the way

Nicoya is also on its way to discover if any of its patients with COVID-19 is already infection-free.

“We have already taken blood samples from two patients, who meet the requirements to assess whether it is possible to discharge them. Both remain in their homes,” said the director of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund in that canton, Tannia Tánchez.

Nicoya currently registers four COVID-19 cases and, according to Tánchez, there is a group of 10 contacts who remain with a home isolation order, with the purpose of monitoring whether or not they develop suspicious symptoms of the disease.

According to today’s data, given by the Ministry of Health, Costa Rica reports 502 cases of COVID-19, of which 13 live in Guanacaste. In total, 29 patients have already been discharged in the country.