Santa Teresita Neighbors Organizing to Tackle Projects

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Too many projects have been left half done.  That’s why neighbors in Santa Teresita of Nosara decided it was time to organize, and in January formed the The Santa Teresita Neighborhood Committee.

According to Jose Dionisio “Chepe” Reyes Aviles, president of the committee. “We are starting from zero,” said Reyes. 

Already the group has succeeded in getting garbage pickup in the neighborhood twice a week and presented a letter to the Nosara Public Force chief requesting regular patrolling of the neighborhood, which was implemented immediately. But the list of needs is long:

  • Finish the community hall, which was left half done
  • Form a sports committee
  • Support the Nosara EBAIS
  • Help the school get a title for the land that was donated about 25 years, which includes the plaza and community hall
  • Install a bridge over Mala Noche creek
  • Create an entrance to the plaza and up the hill to the school

Toward that end, they are trying to raise funds any way they can. By overseeing the parking for the last round of fiestas in Nosara, they netted 225,000 colones ($450). The committee also supported the Santa Teresita parent school board with the horse ride and traditional ribbon race held on Saturday, May 11, which raised 448,000 colones ($896).

The eight-member committee functions in alliance with the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN). Other members are: Didier “Sirineo” Matarrita Matarrita, vice president; Carlos Alberto “Coca” Montiel Chaves, treasurer; Susan Montiel Zuñiga, secretary; Juan Julio “Julito” Noguera Hernandez, vocal 1; Irene Lopez Garcia, vocal 2; Araceli Avila Alvarado, vocal 3; and Secundino “Cunino” Acosta Acosta, fiscal. 


Soccer, Dance and Bingo Fundraiser June 22 & 23

For June 22 and 23, a menu of activities is being planned by the Santa Teresita Neighborhood Committee to raise funds for the community hall and to support the Nosara EBAIS clinic.

  • Local soccer “mundialitos” tournament starting at 1 p.m. on Saturday
  • A dance in the community hall Saturday from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. with the group Costa Alegre of Nandayure
  • Bingo at 3 p.m on Sunday.
  • Food, drinks and fun

Admission to the dance will be 3000 colones at the door or 2500 in advance. To purchase tickets in advance, contact any member of the neighborhood committee.