Second Phase of Samara Theme Park Will Receive Funding in June

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And what happened to the Theme Park in Samara? That is the question many neighbors have been asking after the Municipality of Nicoya began work in 2015.

Josue Ruiz Guerrero, municipal engineer, reported that the first phase of the project was successfully completed in October of 2015 and involved the construction of seats, bathrooms, the base infrastructure, the creation of levels, drainage systems and trails, among other things.

In addition, a collection tank was made to store rainwater during the rainy season for use during the dry season.

The cost of this first phase was ₵38,000,000 ($71,700) and was done by the company EVICEN S.A.

However, the park, located behind Villas Kalimba in the center of the community of Samara, still needs attractions like a butterfly garden, a playground and a place to go to buy ice cream or coffee, which have been ideas from neighbors who want a different and attractive place in the community.

According to Guerrero, the reason why they have not continued with the next phase is because they do not yet have the budget confirmed to develop the work. The amount would be about ₵50,000,000 ($94,300).

“We want to report that for now, we do not have a budget allocated by the administration for the project. However, we hope to have an answer by next June,” he explained.

Guerrero hopes that once the new municipal council members take office, they will make a budget modification that includes the necessary funds to complete the project.

Once the park is ready, the municipality will give a concession to interested neighbors so they can rent space and sell products and thus generate revenue within the park.

“We want to involve the private sector and the Samara Development Association to create some sort of concession with a local, be it a coffee house or an ice cream parlor, that generates revenue for the municipality,” explained Ruiz.

Currently the park is open to the public during daylight hours and visitors can walk along the main trail and admire the greenery.