Nicoya, COVID-19

Second Positive Case with COVID-19 Confirmed in Nicoya

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The director of La Anexión Hospital, Anner Angulo, confirmed this morning to The Voice of Guanacaste that there is a second positive case with COVID-19 in Nicoya.

This person works at the medical center who was in contact with the first confirmed case in Nicoya, also a hospital worker. In total, 18 officials from the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) have the new coronavirus, CCSS President Román Macaya said today at a press conference.

With this new case, there are four positive cases throughout Guanacaste: two officials from the Nicoya hospital and two foreigners living in Santa Cruz.

According to the director, they are still studying whether this second confirmed case was treating patients who attended the hospital in the past two weeks. 

Angulo said there are approximately 30 hospital workers in isolation from contact with the first and second cases. All of them must remain in their homes for 14 days. 

If not, they run the risk of undergoing a criminal or administrative action for breach of a health order, because we are looking after the public health of the population,” Angulo explained.

“Samples of all patients with respiratory symptoms and of people in contact with positive cases are taken to detect if they have contracted COVID-19,” said Angulo, who said he did not have at hand the exact number of how many samples they had taken.

People in contact are defined as those who had a close proximity with the positive case: they have greeted each other with a kiss, hugged each other, have come close to less than a meter and a half, or talking head-on for more than 15 minutes.

Costa Rica registers 113 positive cases with ages between 2 and 87 years old. The Ministry of Health has ruled 1,046 cases and two adults over the age of 87 have died in the country from the new coronavirus.