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Second Triple Crown Event Held at Garza Reef – World Class, Crystal Clear Waves

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Organized by the Nosara Surf Association, the second Triple Crown surf event was held on March 28. This time, surfers competed out at sea, at the right break formed by the reef off the coast from Garza.

Accompanied by the music of DJ Palermo, seven boats filled with surfers and spectators weighed anchor out at sea to enjoy high-quality surfing. The tournament had 60 participants from all over the country, from areas such as Malpais, Santa Teresa, Jaco, Limon, Samara and Tamarindo, as well as local surfers, who had a great time on the clear waves during the eight hours of competition.

As the day began, the ocean was choppy enough at high tide. The equinox and lunar cycle played a role in forming the waves at the break.

The competition started a bit later than planned, as launching the boats from the beach was difficult in the rough seas. However, once they were off the beach, the wave conditions and the atmosphere favored the competitors, making the tournament a world-class event.

Located in a place with little access and dangerous because of the reef under water, the site offered constant, deep waves, very distinct from those seen at beach breaks.

The waves were versatile throughout the day. They had good size (4-6’) and form, with solid walls, allowing for all kinds of maneuvers, including tubes, aerials, 360’s and cutbacks.

The day featured well-known names such as Angello Bonomelli from Tamarindo and Sean Foerster, Leo Calvo and Andrey Lopez from Samara. First place for the Men Open was for Angello Bonomeli from Playa Negra, second place was for Lopez.

 At noon the women’s final was held; Sulay Gomez from Tamarindo won the category.

Local Vibert Winigrove

“Not many surfers come here nor know of this wave, and that’s what makes this competition so special. To be able to bring people from all over Costa Rica to surf this world-class wave is incredible; for any professional it’s a dream to surf here,” said Oscar Diaz, who is a member of the Nosara Surf Association and an event organizer.

Funds raised this year will be donated to the Nosara Security Association. Regarding donations to the 2014 Triple Crown: “Last year there was a problem with the organization of the boats and we were unable to donate to the Garza Elementary School as we had hoped. This year we are working on that so that we can give them their promised money,” said Diaz.

Jordanny Garcia Mendoza