Senara Pledged to Widen the Dike and Protect Playas de Nosara Asada Wells

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The National Service of Irrigation and Drainage (Senara- Servicio Nacional de Riego y Avenamiento) pledged to widen the dike along the Nosara River, specifically in the area across from the town of Santa Marta.

This was announced by Alvaro Gonzalez, work inspector for Senara, who said that widening the dike in this sector was one of the six points required by townspeople during a meeting on March 12th at the Santa Marta Community Hall.

As a followup to this meeting, on Tuesday, April 28th, authorities from Senara, the National Emergency Commission (CNE- Comision Nacional de Emergencias) and JCB construction company, along with a group of neighbors, toured different sectors where the work is being done.

The places visited were: the San Valentin neighborhood in Santa Marta, the area across from the town of Santa Marta, the mouth of Sube y Baja Creek, Section R and the wells of the Playas de Nosara Asasda.

For his part, Gerardo Brenes, one of the coordinators of the Leadership Forum, explained that JCB machinery has already begun work on widening the dike in the sector of Santa Marta.

“We are very satisfied because this was one of the requests of townspeople in the general meeting. The alarm was because the dikes were being built very narrow. However, now they started this work to widen the dike. Now they have taken care of this request,” he reported.

Another point that Senara committed to taking care of was cleaning the bank on the right side of the river near Section R and the wells of the Playas de Nosara Asada in order to protect neighbors from the possibility of the river overflowing.

“The concern is that water passes straight along and floods Section R. Senara committed to cleaning the beach area located on the right bank of the river so water spreads out without hitting the other side and softening the curve, as well as accumulating material to protect that section from floods,” Brenes commented.

Additionally, Alvaro Gonzalez said that they will make improvements to the outlet of water at Sube y Baja Creek as well as removing sediments and making drainage pipes to facilitate water flow under the dike in some areas.

Points Pending

One concern that was not addressed due to lack of time during the tour was regarding repairing sewers in the Los Arenales neighborhood, which have been damaged by the dump trucks passing over them.

They also did not discuss repairing the road that runs to the same sector, which is very worn down. This was one of JCB’s commitments to the townspeople.

Finally, Gonzalez said that they will have a final town meeting in late May when the work is finished to report specifics of how the project turned out.

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