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Seniors Shaked Their Booties in the Jungle

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The gaily-colored costumes of the Senior Citizens Group of Nosara were twirling in the jungle on Sunday, March 9th, when a group of 25 seniors traveled to Guiones Beach to dance the morning away at the Enchanted Forest, a gym and hostel located close to the beach. 

Brenda Burnside, owner of Enchanted Forest, invited the group to enjoy her wooden dance floor and jungle setting.  The group danced for several hours and enjoyed fresh fruit and pastries for refreshments.

“Dancing is the best distraction you can have in life,” said Mario Juarez Juarez, age 80, a member of the group.

Guadalupe Espinoza, who works at the Enchanted Forest, suggested the dance and organized the event because he thought the seniors would enjoy the Enchanted Forest.  He was right.

“I have never seen such a beautiful place— so full of nature,” remarked Pedro Lopez Castillo, 74.

Transportation was donated by Manuel Rosales.  Lily Walter, owner of the used and vintage clothing store Hot Tamale paid for the three-member marimba band “La Llorona”, from Los Angeles. 

“Dancing is wonderful exercise and maintaining health through fitness is my life’s work,” said Burnside.  “I am very happyto promote senior health by providing a good venue for their dancing.  I enjoyed dancing with them, too.  They’re very good!”

Both Maria Carrillo Carrillo, 75, and Bernabe Perez Perez, 86, said they enjoy dancing with the senior group for exercise and distraction. They advise young people to dance and be happy in order to stay healthy and fit.

Walter says she plans to donate a portion of the profits from Hot Tamale each month to a worthy local group.  Interested groups can find her at her new shop across from Robin’s Ice Cream.