Sentences Extended for Colombians Arrested in Samara for Drug Trafficking

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Eight men with last names Camacho, Alegria, Angulo, Lizaldo, Vente, Riazcos, Grueso and Callazo, all of Colombian nationality, will stay in preventive prison for six more months, according to the Nicoya Penal Court, as investigation continues against them for breaking the law on psychotropic drugs.

Apparently the men were in charge of distributing drugs in the Samara Beach area and were under investigation by the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ). On Sunday, October 13, about 100 officers from the Public Force and OIJ conducted a major sting operation to dismantle the alleged Colombian drug.

Arrests were made at the homes of the suspects, in public roadways, at a laundry business and at a bar that was run by one of the suspects, where important evidence was found. Authorities seized about 7 kilos of drugs, including cocaine and marijuana, around two million colones ($4000) cash, which presumably was from illegal sales, as well as seven firearms, of which four were pistols and three revolvers, according to Omar Chavarria, chief of the Public Force for Nicoya canton.

Chavarria said the investigation was the result of meetings held with members of the Samara community, who expressed that one of their main concerns was the sale of drugs by Colombians who were living in the community.