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Seven Tips to Fish Responsibly in Guanacaste

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Follow these responsible tips for both you and the fish, if you’re going fishing on your vacation time:


  • Make sure your boat is licensed to fish by Incopesca.
  • Sport fishermen must pay a temporary fishing license, although many people don’t know this and fail to pay. A license doesn’t yet exist for those enjoying tourism with artisanal fishermen, but Incopesca is creating one to accommodate them.
  • January usually brings strong winds, so try to fish on a day without strong and frequent gusts.
  • Remember, if you’re fishing for sailfish, black, blue or striped marlin or tarpon, you must release the fish within a few minutes of catching it. These species have been declared of interest to tourism, and killing them is prohibited.
  • If you want to take photos with the fish, the proper way to do it is to get into the water to take the photo, releasing the fish a couple minutes later. None of these fish should reach your kitchen.
  • Fish only what you’re going to eat. Ideally, that’s about five fish per fisherman in the boat.
  • Chemicals emitted by fish during their deaths usually give a distinct flavor depending on if the fish dies rapidly or slowly. While it’s usually up to the captain, try to kill the fish as quickly as possible.

Source: Erick Ross, Marviva biologist.