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Sinem Music School of Nicoya Celebrates 5th Anniversary

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As part of the anniversary celebrations, on November 15 the 25 de Julio Orchestra will perform at the inauguration of the new Briceño Leonidas School facilities.

The Sinem Music School of Nicoya was founded in October of 2008 and despite limited economic resources, it has managed to survive and consolidate during its five years of existence.

Currently the school is hosted in the Casa de la Cultura municipal building with an enrollment of 450 students from different areas of Guanacaste: Jicaral, Nandayure, Hojancha, Tamarindo, Santa Cruz, Carrillo, Nosara, Samara and other communities around Nicoya.

Thanks to the work of this school, in 2009 it was possible to create the 25 de Julio Symphony Orchestra. This is the first symphony orchestra founded in the province of Guanacaste and has 90 members, including children and youth. In addition they formed a symphonic band and merged with the Sinem of Sardinal and Liberia to create the Chorotega Youth Orchestra, with regional representation.

For Jorge Guevara, director of the school, the most important thing is to instill values in the children and youth. “The most beautiful part of what we do is to rescue children and young people from any vices and prepare them to be good human beings,” he said.

One of the worst challenges this project has faced has been the economic factor. “The resources are limited and we have administrative expenses and educational staff wages, and sometimes we don’t have enough to pay the phone bill,” he related.

The expenses are footed by their cultural association and by voluntary quotas from some parents.

On November 22 and 23, the Chorotega Youth Orchestra will perform in Desamparados at a gathering of regional orchestras from across the country. Then on December 20 the 25 de Julio Orchestra will offer a Christmas concert at the inauguration of the Nicoya Park amphitheater.