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Six Guanacaste Vegan Desserts You Must Try

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Not eating butter, condensed milk or dairy-based ice cream does not mean losing the craving for sweet and tasty things. However, it is difficult to find options in Guanacaste.

The Voice of Guanacaste decided to select the six best vegan desserts, low in sugar and refined flour, but full of flavor.


1. Raw Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Location: Pura Vida Raw Foods behind Mini Super Delicias del Mundo in Nosara

It’s a vegan (except for the honey) and raw version of chocolate cheesecake. It’s an explosion of tropical and chocolatey flavor. The crust is made with hydrated cashew seeds, coconut meat, raw cocoa butter, raw cocoa powder and cacao nibs. The filling has all of the above ingredients as well as honey, passion fruit, vanilla, sea salt and cayenne pepper. Call to ask if it is available or to order it.

Price: ¢4,000 ($7.50) per slice or ¢35,000 ($66) for a 12-inch cake.

Phone: 8987-0647

2. Bliss Balls

Location: Naked Foods behind the Nosara Yoga Institute. They are also available in most supermarkets in Nosara.

A small little taste for the sweet tooth inside of you. They are small balls made with soaked almonds, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla powder, maple syrup, dates, raisins, organic coconut oil and sea salt, covered in dehydrated shredded coconut, which makes them crunchy when you bite in.

Price: A 16-ounce container of five bliss balls for ¢4,500 to ¢5,000 ($8.50 to 9.50).

Phone: 8712-4463

3. Pura Paleta Ice Cream

Location: Available in Samara Organics, Princess Bakery, Nosara Organic Deli Market and Delicias del Mundo.

The girls at Pura Paleta have created about 30 flavors of different popsicles, all handmade with water and pure seasonal fruit. All of the popsicles are vegan (except those that contain honey) and sweetened with organic agave nectar, raw honey and evaporated sugar cane juice. We recommend the homemade coconut milk with lime combination popsicle, creamy and citrusy. Other flavors include blackberry-ginger, strawberry-lime-basil-balsamic vinegar, cucumber-lime and mint, or lemonade-herbs from Provence.

Price: ¢1,500 ($2.80).

Phone: 8367-6401

4. Raw Pecans Pie

Location: Ono Juice, Tamarindo

When eating this raw vegan tart, it will seem hard to believe that it does not have sugar or processed ingredients. It has a crunchy crust and a creamy filling. The crust is made with germinated dehydrated almond flour (what is left over after making almond milk), raw shredded coconut and virgin coconut oil. The filling is a combination of dates (which makes it sweet), germinated pecans, coconut oil and raw pecans. Call to ask if it is available as the dessert of the day.

Price: ¢1500 ($2.80).

Phone: 2249-5102

5. Mini Italian Crostrata

Location: La Cuchara Verde, Flamingo Beach

This crunchy, chewy and slightly acidic cookie is an Italian specialty. The crust does not contain sugar. It is made from cassava flour and rice flour, extra virgin coconut oil and almond milk. The coconut oil binds it and replaces the egg and butter, giving it consistency and juiciness. The cookie is topped with the house passion fruit jam made with organic raw sugar, pieces of kiwi and strawberry.

Price: ¢1500 ($2.80).

Phone: 2573-0096 or 8811-0222

6. Pineapple Carrot Cake

Location: Harmony Hotel, Nosara.

This vegan cake is made with sunflower oil, flaxseed powder and a combination of whole wheat and white flour, giving it a softer texture but it is high in fiber. Sweetened with raw sugar and pieces of organic shredded carrot and organic pineapple. Despite being a dry cake, it is fluffy and has a lot of flavor. You can eat it with pineapple syrup cooked with raw sugar, cinnamon and cloves.

Price: $3 for a 200-gram portion.