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Six Men Arrested in Santa Cruz with 350 Kilos of Cocaine

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The district attorney of Nicoya gave six months of preventive prisonto five foreigners and one Costa Rican connected with transportation of drugs. 


The suspects were arrested early on July 24th at the intersection of Santa Barbara and San Lazaro of Nicoya with 350 kilos of cocaine and a firearm. The individuals are a Mexican with the last name Gonzalez, two Colombians with last names Valencia and Valerio, a Nicaraguan with the last name Aguirre, a Dominican with the last nameLinaresand a Costa Rican with the last name Sanchez. 


According to Tatiana Vargas, in charge of the press department for the district attorney’s office, the accused were sentenced to precautionary measures in the Nicoya courthouse. “The Nicoya District Attorney’s Office reported that, on July 25th of this year, six men suspected of transporting drugs were given six months of preventive prison in the hearing to request precautionary measures. This measure was requested by the local district attorney,” the report indicated. 


The police version indicates that the individuals had refused to be searched during a routine police checkpoint and tried to escape. Three of the suspects were arrested when 4×4 vehicle that they were driving sped into the riverbedin the sector of the intersection of Santa Barbara of Santa Cruz. There,they discovered 350 kilos of cocaine that were hidden in eight suitcases. 


The other three suspects fled toward the sector of San Lazaro of Nicoya, where they were arrested after exchanging gunfire with the police. In the crossfire, the Nicaraguan with the last name Aguirre was injured by a bullet in one of his legs. After the arrest, the police managed to confiscate the weapon with which they allegedly shot at the officers. 


The press report from the Public Ministry indicated that case number 15-000936-414-PE was opened against the accused and the case remains under investigation in the preparatory stage. 


It is presumed that the price of cocaine per kilogram on the street is ¢3 million ($5,660), so the total cost of what was seized would be about $2 million.

The vehicle that transported drugs fell into a river during the chase.