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Sprout: American-style gourmet fusion

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Sprout restaurant in Playa Tamarindo is the perfect combination of organic and gourmet cooking with American-style fast food.

Mike Fish, a renowned U.S. chef, prepares his own salsas, dressings, mayonnaises and breads using local ingredients straight from producers.  

His seafood comes from national producers, fishermen who are committed to sustainable practices. The chicken he uses is 100 percent organic.

The chef has no qualms with mixing flavors and colors to please his guests. The menu is flexible, and diners can experiment with several options, including building their own sandwiches or wraps tailored to individual tastes or food needs.

During a recent visit, we noticed that items are always accompanied by many colors, the presentation was impeccable and the food full of flavor.

Sprout is located on the beach and has a varied menu with options for kids.

Easy-on-the-wallet options include daily specials: Monday is chicken and avocado club sandwiches for $1; Tuesday is $1 organic chicken wings; Wednesday features $2 tacos; and Thursday serves up calamari appetizers, wings or tortilla chips with pico de gallo for $5.

Weekends specials are: pork sliders for $2 on Friday, and 2-for-1 hamburgers for $13 on Saturday.

Other menu items include shaved zucchini spaghetti cooked in olive oil with pesto and Portobello mushrooms for $17; and tacos stuffed with mahimahi for $13, sautéed vegetables for $12, organic beef ($14) or chicken ($13), smoked pork ($13) or shrimp ($15).

For beverages, tap beer is $6, cocktails run from $8-$12, and homemade iced tea is $3.

Hours: Mon.-Sat., 10:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m.

Tel: 2653-2374

Facebook: Sprout Costa Rica

The good: An excellent location in front of the beach on the main street.

The not-so-good: The taco tortillas come from a bag instead of homemade.