Storytime Every Thursday at CREAR Library

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CREAR library provides bilingual storytime for preschoolers and second graders every Thursday from 2-3 pm. The institution encourages parents to attend with their children. In the last two weeks have been reading books about the rain and gardening.

Last week, kids enjoyed the story Jack and the Beanstalk, which is a story with a valuable lesson, and is about a boy who changes his cow (which was supposed to sell in the market) for the magic beans. His mother, who is angry enough with Jack, doesn’t believe his son and throws the beans out the window.

Surprisingly, the next day, the beans had grown … high into the sky. Of course, Jack being a curious child, climb the stem of the plant in order to have a fantastic adventure.

Also, of enjoying a good read, students who attended last thursday planted a dried pea in a cup garnished and they can now watch it grow. This activity is called “Craft Idea”. Beans are easy to grow and great for children to see them grow, they should simply take a dry bean plant it in some soil and let the rain do the work.

This week students will enjoy during CREAR story time , the reading Jubal’s Wish by Audrey Wood. The illustrations in this book are a real gift to the reader, because as you read this heartwarming tale, a story about a frog who wants to bring happiness to his friends as much as he is, enjoy brilliant color images. This story has wonderful characters and detailed, along with a magician and a powerful storm, and of course, a happy ending.

Another important activity it is singing. The students sang a song the past two weeks to celebrate the rain and it will continue on Thursday. They start by tapping their finger softly into the palm of their hand, and as thry sing the song, they add more tapping fingers, then loud claps, followed by brushing their hands together for the “splish splash”.