We are a non-profit organization that supports itself thanks to the donations we receive. About 68 percent of our revenue is used to pay the salaries of the journalists that investigate daily the reality of our province.

Don't let our voice die out.

Your donation allows us to:
Report irregularities in our towns.
Approach communities and gain an in-depth knowledge of their problems.
Investigate and communicate the realities that we face.
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You will receive it at the door of your house from the Costa Rica postal service.
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Donate via transfer
You can also transfer a donation to our bank accounts. Don´t forget to write your name and email address so we can thank you properly.

Banco de Costa Rica:
- Cuenta corriente: 001-0325800 - 9
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Banco Nacional de Costa Rica:
- Cuenta Corriente en Colones: 100-02-013-600520-9
- Cuenta cliente: 15101310026005207