Suray Carrillo Says Guanacaste Legislators Don’t Speak Up in Plenary Sessions

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“I would like to know what Marta Arauz (National Liberation Party legislator) has done for Guanacaste, or any of the three Guanacaste legislators. I am the only one who defends Guanacaste in the Legislative Assembly. Listen to the sessions on Radio Nacional and you’ll realize that they stay quiet.”

Those were the words of the legislator from the Broad Front party, Suray Carillo, who affirmed that she is the only lawmaker who truly works for the province of Guanacaste.

She made this speech on Friday, May 15th, during a visit to Nosara, as part of a tour of Guanacaste. The member of parliament met with about 20 Nosara residents in the district’s music hall.

Carrillo was accompanied by her husband, attorney Wilmar Matarrita, who is also an active member of the Broad Front party.

Martin Chacon, vice president of the Nosara Integral Development Association (ADIN), asked Carrillo for help with the problems of water shortage, security, health, education and poor road conditions.

“It has been a joke on the government’s part. One year ago, Luis Guillermo Solis came and told us that he would inaugurate works this year, he signed documents and did not accomplish anything,” Chacon said.

For her part, the legislator explained that although she has only been in the legislative seat for three months, she has already asked for a report from the Minister of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), Carlos Segnini, regarding progress on the Samara-Nosara route.

“According to an official document that the minister sent me, 78% of the consultation and process and the plans are done, to start with the phase of expropriations,” Carrillo assured.

She also asked ADIN to give her a report of what has really been done to the route in order to respond to the minister with arguments.

Meanwhile, Matarrita took advantage of the opportunity to invite Nosarans to mobilize and protest in the streets, to push for the construction of Route 160.

“Nosara will continue to eat dust for life until the town organizes and mobilizes,” the husband of the legislator added.

Water Crisis

Another issue on which residents most requested help from the legislator was the water shortage suffered by the district of Nosara due to the low rainfall during the past few years and the population growth.

Christoph Hubmann, president of the Nosara ASADA, explained that there are now two wells that are dry and therefore “all of Nosara is without water.” Hubmann said they need financial support for new well infrastructure and a quick solution.

“A solution to the lack of water is urgent. I write to AyA and they never answer me. We need a water tank that is [working] until it starts to rain,” Hubmann commented.

In light of the need, Carrillo said that she already has an audience arranged with the president of AyA, Yamileth Astorga, on May 28th, so she invited the president of the ASADA to accompany her with all of the documentation on the status of the wells.