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Suspects Arrested Thanks to Video of Car Break-In in Guiones Beach and Use of Social Networks

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Thanks to a person who, from his car, used his cellphone to record three people while they broke into a vehicle at one of the entrances to Guiones Beach and then uploaded it to a Whatsapp group created by the Tourist Police, the suspects were arrested.

Around noon on Thursday, January 7th, a local resident who observed the incident took the opportunity to record the scene, share it with authorities and publish it on Whatsapp, a digital tool, in a group that was created by the Guiones Tourist Police and the Nosara Security Association in order to maintain communication between townspeople and the police.

After taking the belongings inside the tourists’ rental car, the suspects fled in a Nissan Sentra.

Minutes later, a local resident who had already seen the video recognized the vehicle and the license plate at the Nosara gas station. The resident saw the suspects leave towards Ostional so he alerted 911 and efforts there were coordinated with the Santa Cruz Public Force.

Another area resident, who was in Ostional and also recognized the car, reported it to police on the social network Facebook.

Finally, the car was intercepted by police in the community of Marbella of Santa Cruz.

According to Noe Guerrero, the Santa Cruz police chief, the case is under investigation.

“At this time, we do not have a lot of information. We only know that today, [Thursday,] they succeeded in stopping three people suspected of breaking into a vehicle in the area of Marbella. They were handed over to the Nicoya district attorney’s office to determine what is appropriate,” Gutierrez said.

The suspects were identified with the last names of Acuña Aguilar, Herrera Narvaez and Diaz Barboza.

According to a report from the news channel Telenoticias, the Ministry of Public Security reported that Acuña Aguilar has 26 prior incidents of theft and aggravated theft.

Diaz Barboza has 10 priors and Herrera Narvaez does not have a criminal record.

OIJ in Nicoya is asking for urgent help from whoever knows the whereabouts of the tourists affected by the break-in to the Daihatsu Terios in Guiones Beach in order to process the case since they have the suspects and evidence in the district attorney’s office.

If you have information, you can call 2685-5416 or 2295-3640.