Syndic Reported Sale of Alcohol in Samara Without Municipal Permits

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Open-air sales of alcoholic beverages without any type of municipal permit concerns Bonifacio Diaz, syndic of Samara, who denounced this situation to members of the council during the session on Monday, June 29.

Diaz reported that sporting events are held every weekend between the teams that belong to the soccer championship of the coast, during which some neighbors take advantage of the opportunity to sell alcoholic beverages without temporary liquor licenses.

“Most of the five teams that make up the championship of the coast are carrying on their alcohol sales activities without temporary liquor licenses. Every year that they hold the soccer championships, they do it without permits. The Torito Integral Association charges 20,000 colones ($38) for the use of the community hall and the kitchen. However, they are not complying with the payment of the license,” Diaz pointed out.

In addition, the syndic affirmed that he informed Cristian Soto, in charge of permits for the municipality, who specified that in 2014 and 2015, only two licenses were given and they were for dance activities, not for alcohol sales.

The council members agreed to refer the matter to the mayor’s office for his information.

Residents of La Esperanza Want Lighting for the Plaza
During the session, the councilors were familiarized with a document sent by Isidro Lopez Ruiz, president of the La Esperanza Sur de Nosara Development Association, who complained about the lack of illumination for the community soccer field, which they have been attempting to get for four years.

On this issue, Marco Avila, Nosara syndic, explained that they presented the document to the mayor’s office and that it has now been included in the municipal budget for 2016.
However, they are still awaiting for neighbors to organize a sports committee so the funds can be managed through the Cantonal Sports Committee.

“A month and a half ago, a group of neighbors from La Esperanza requested of me that I give them support to illuminate the soccer field. I mentioned to them that first of all, it would be good to organize a sports committee affiliated with the Cantonal Sports Committee. The administration has already included the lighting of the plaza in the 2016 budget,” Avila assured.

Government Confirmed Attendance for 25th of July
Finally, the council received written confirmation of attendance of the solemn session of the council, to be held in Recaredo Briceño Park during the celebration of the Annexation of the Party of Nicoya to the Free State of Costa Rica.

This activity will take place at 12 p.m. and will be attended by President Luis Guillermo Solis, First Lady Mercedes Peñas Domingo and his Cabinet.