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“Taste of Nosara” 2014 Invites Restaurants and Chefs to Participate in Food Event of the Year

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The second annual food festival “Taste of Nosara 2014” will happen in July, and organizers are already working on the final details. Now, restaurants and chefs in the area are being invited to exhibit their plates and flavors to the more than 200 expected attendees.

Ann Auchinclos, a member of the organizing committee in charge of marketing and promoting Taste of Nosara, told The Voice that there are at least 35 spots available for chefs and food businesses.

Registration is free and the only requirements are that the food is prepared in a kitchen certified by the Ministry of Health and that the chefs and restaurants have a current license to serve food to the public. The hope is to maintain hygienic and health standards.

“Taste of Nosara” was created in 2013 by a group of people who were looking for a creative and original way to help raise money for the volunteer firefighters, at the same time promoting local businesses.

Some 200 people came to last year’s event and $1,565 was raised. The money was intended to pay for shipping costs for a fire truck that was donated in the United States; regardless, the funds raised were insufficient and the opportunity was lost. The money was used for other necessities that the firefighters have, while finding a new truck continues to be urgent.

This year the goal is the same; Auchincloss says that the truck, “Is in North Carolina, will cost approximately $3,500 to ship and then we need to get it inscribed and insured. It’s a lot of money so we’ll need donors as well as the event to cover it all.”

Taste of Nosara 2014 will be in the restaurant Harbor Reef on Sunday, July 13, from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. People will be able to buy packages of tickets from $6 and up, which depending on the foods they try, will pay for six to ten tasting.

Though all of the participants are still not confirmed, Auchincloss guaranteed that there will be live music and child care to keep them entertained while parents enjoy a flavorful event and help Nosara obtain a truck for firefighters.

Auchincloss said that, in contrast to last year, this year there will not be a competition for the best dish. Instead, they are asking restaurants and chefs to be creative in selecting their recipes to present at the show.

Those who make raw foods, juices and shakes are also being invited, as well as those who make homemade products, such as chocolates, cakes, cookies, cheeses or spices.

To participate, contact Ann Auchincloss at [email protected].

For anyone who would like to donate directly to the volunteer firefighters so the truck can be shipped, visit the Nosara watch web site; donations can be made using Paypal.