The Administrator of Natural Resources: Pablo Guevara, National Restoration

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Pablo Cesar Guevara Miranda is 39 years old, was born in the city of San Jose and now lives in Cañas. He has a degree in business administration and works as an administrative employee in the Municipality of Cañas.

Guevara claims to be a person who defends human rights and life. He opposes actions like abortion, in-vitro fertilization and same sex marriages.

Guevara thinks that Guanacaste has great potential in terms of natural resources and especially human resources. His vision is to boost small and medium businesses as a way to counteract the problem of unemployment that the province of Guanacaste suffers.

Guevara proposes restructuring the services of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, using those same resources. “We should change the methodologies. The current methodologies are already obsolete. Likewise we should restructure the Ministry of Health so that it works on both the role of prevention as well as the role of curing,” he commented.

He promotes environmental policies that protect water resources, above all in the cantons in Guanacaste. “We should create sewage treatment plants so that they don’t become sources of pollution for the ocean, and we are going to improve the network of sewers… God made us the administrators of resources; we should protect them,” he affirmed.

The candidate makes a request of the electorate: “I am asking the people to not stay at home – they have to go out to vote, but study well to whom we’re giving our vote. I remind them that with our votes we don’t elect political parties; we elect people who will represent us.”