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The Annexation Race Benefited Mothers of Nicoya’s Night School

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More than 200 runners joined the Annexation Race on Sunday, July 21 organized by the Nicoya night school.

Anyone interested in helping out could participate in the race, which had the goal of raising funds for the institution’s nursery room and to encourage the sport.

This was explained by Gabriela Jaramillo Cordero, science teacher at the Nicoya night school and one of the coordinators of the activity.

According to Jaramillo, the nursery room “is a venue where we will have the children of the students who have no way to leave their children at home so they can go to school and know that their children are being cared for.”

For this project, they need to create a classroom, install air conditioning and get furniture. Toward that end, the race registration fee cost 5000 colones ($10) for the 5-kilometer category and 8000 colones ($16) for 10 kilometers.

As an incentive, in the general category 30,000 colones ($60) was awarded to the first place weiner, 20,000 ($40) to second and 10,000 ($20) to third, all with their respective trophy.

Also each participant, regardless of their position at the end of the race, received a medal for participation and refreshments.

The winner of both the junior and the general 10km category was Wilberth Flores Gutierrez, an 18-year resident of Agua Zarcas of San Carlos, who said he has been training for 10 months and believes that “it was a beautiful race with a good terrain but it was a bit stuffy and the heat influences the rhythm a lot.”

This young athlete also commented, “It is a wonderful experience coming here to compete and taking home a little souvenir,” lifting up his trophy slightly but with much pride and humility.

The overall results of the race are available at the competition Facebook page.