The Art Wave Returns to Tamarindo

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The Tamarindo Art Wave returns to the most famous beach in Guanacaste with its Enlight edition. Between January 25 and 27 locals and national and foreign visitors will see every type of art, music, food, paintings, photographs and technology.

During these three days artists like Debi Nova with Manuel Obregón will perform (Friday the 26th at 9pm) and Sonámbulo Psicotropical (Saturday the 27th at 9pm). There will also be workshops on embossing, silk-screen painting, illustration, art and a sexual discussion with an illustrator.

One of the newest events puts the artist Alissa Christine on stage with live 3D art.

“For the first time in Costa Rica, the US artist Alissa Christine will create a work of art live in 3D, using Google Tilt Brush technology,” said Gaby Álvarez, one of the event organizers. “The show will be held on three nights from Thursday through Saturday to the rhythm of music by guitarist Tony Putaggio.”

Artists will also have permanent exhibits during these three days at the Fine Art Gallery and the Art Video Lounge.

Almost all the activities are free, except the gala dinner which will be held to collect funds to continue supporting artists and keep financing the festival. The event is not for profit.

If you want to sign up for the workshops, you can do it at this link.