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The Dream Ended but Nicoya Celebrated Anyway

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Although the Tico’s dream of advancing into the semifinals persisted to the end, the Sele’s time in the 2014 World Cup Brazil ran out this Saturday, July 5th, when the Dutch goalkeeper Tim Krul stopped the penalty shots of Bryan Ruiz and Michael Umaña . Krul came in as a replacement with one minute to go in overtime, to drown the Tico dream.

However, in Nicoya the atmosphere was very optimistic. From early in the morning, the fans excitement was already being felt in the streets, businesses and all over the canton. Women and men, children and adults— all were with the “Sele” (nickname for the Costa Rican national team). The uproar was huge. From early on, the sounds of honking cars, horns, vuvuzelas (plastic horns) and whistles could be heard, and fans displayed their flags, shirts and other insignias of the Costa Rican National Selection, showing their support for the tricolor team. In Recardo Briceño Park, a group of at least 100 people gathered to watch the game.

Nervous smiles shone on the faces of all as the game unfolded. At some moments, there were gestures of joy, at others gestures of anguish and fright, and for some, the emotions were so strong that they could not hold back from crying.

But despite the elimination of the “Sele,” in the end, the people were left with a pleasant taste due to the outstanding performance of the Costa Rican National Selection in the 2014 World Cup Brazil.

“We were all hoping to go to the semifinals, but we are very satisfied because the team played very well and has done great in the world cup,” said Nicoyan Danilo Villegas after the game.

“They are coming home but with their heads held high. They did an extraordinary job. I feel super proud of my Sele,” said Adrian Morales, when the game ended.

After the game concluded, many fans took to the streets to celebrate and chant the name “Ticos … Ticos” in the center of Nicoya.