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The Flying Taco Has Landed in Samara

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You do not need a fancy menu to savor a fusion of contrasting, pleasant and exotic ingredients. The Flying Taco, a new restaurant in Samara, has taken on the task of giving a twist to the experience of the traditional Mexican dish, the taco.

The Flying Taco, located 100 meters west of Banco de Costa Rica in Samara, is decorated with murals of Mexican skulls and skeleton figures and is the brainchild of American Jason McCombs, who decided to add a little spice to the district of Samara.

The tacos can be chicken, fish or vegetarian. Each plate comes with two tacos, chips, sauces and pico de gallo at a price ¢3,300 ($6.25). The tortillas are made on site and, in addition to the chosen meat, the taco comes with refried beans with coffee, red cabbage, caramelized onions and cilantro.

In addition, each customer chooses the salsa of their choice, which can be grilled pineapple sauce, tamarindo and chipotle sauce, coconut sauce, mango and ginger or margarita sauce, which comes with tequila, triple sec and coconut liqueur.

Another option for vegetarians is the veggifrijo, which is kind of chifrijo (a traditional dish of beans and pork rinds) but without meat. The black beans are prepared with tomatoes and anise and the portion includes rice, chips and pico de gallo. The small costs ¢1,200 ($2.25) and a large is ¢2,200 ($4.15).

The menu also includes burritos, which come with chicken marinated in ginger, lemon, oregano and paprika (¢4,000 or $7.50), or you can choose a tasty quesadilla with the salsa of your choice (¢2,500 or $4.70).

Contact: 8409-5376

The Good:

The prices are very affordable and the quality is high.

The Bad:

Since the space has a lot of greenery and is very open, there are a lot of mosquitoes but if you bring repellent, you won’t notice.