The Guanacastecan Beer With Environmental Awareness

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The company Guanabeer was born in Hojancha. It is in this canton that José Roberto Gutiérrez and Andrea Leiva made 6,000 bottles of craft beer per month.

Producing all those bottles meant using 4,800 gallons of water. That’s why the creators of the project decided to use rainwater for 3,200 of those gallons. They are the winners of the Eco-Guanacaste category for the 2019 Creators of Change awards.

We don’t want to put a product on Costa Rican tables that has a negative environmental impact,” Gutiérrez says. “We decided to make a water reservoir and we came up with a way to reuse it and process the soapy water that is produced during brewing in order to prevent polluting the soil.”

Guanabeer doesn’t even throw out the waste. The leftovers from the malt and barley are distributed among different cattle ranches in Hojancha and used as feed for the animals.

In the words of its creator, its beer smells like honey and tastes like malt, wheat and barley. It’s not bitter and it has a low alcohol content. It’s a light beer ideal for the Guanacaste heat and is distributed to 50 places across the province.