The Minister of Culture’s “Uyuyuy Bajura”

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During the Government Council on July 24 in the city of Filadelfia, Manuel Obregon, Minister of Culture, presented his labor report amidst jingles and verses, in true Guanacaste spirit.

Obregon took the podium and launched right into the first rhyme, promising, “I adopt the roots, the Guanacaste verb… and instead of delivering a dry report without heart, I speak to you with the spice of rhyme.”

Within the works that Obregon cited in his Guanacaste-style report are the repairs in Casona de Santa Rosa, the church of Quebrada Honda, the bridge over Calle Real in Liberia, as well as the creation of the orquestras and bands of the National System of Musical Education (SINEM).

With each verse recited by Obregon, the surprise and delight increased as the audience in the Filadelfia community hall shouted and applauded in recognition of the minister’s charisma and talent.

The Voice invites you to relive Obregon’s original speech: