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The new authorities are taking over the municipalities and here’s a guide to know them

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

Starting from May 1st, the new local governments of Guanacaste – consisting of mayors and municipal councils – assume functions to guide the decision-making of the communities until May 1st, 2028.

Over the next four years, each municipality will have to address the collective challenges the province is facing: the boom in construction development, the crisis in water availability, threatening crime rates, and the need to promote local socio-economic development.

At the polls, the population brought about some surprises: for the first time, three women were chosen as mayors simultaneously (in Carrillo, Hojancha, and Tilarán); and (Teddy Zúñiga Sánchez, 28 years old) the youngest mayor in the country was elected in Nandayure; and the leaders of Nicoya, Santa Cruz, and La Cruz were reelected.

In La Voz, we created this guide so that you can get to know the new mayors, mayoresses, and the people who make up the municipal councils.

I want to monitor my municipality’s decisions!

If during this new municipal period you want to increase your civic participation and political oversight over the work of municipal authorities, you can participate in municipal council sessions (without any paperwork, and in some cases without even leaving your home). 

In these meetings, councilors make decisions together with the mayor’s office, which also has a space in each session to be accountable for communal matters. Additionally, organized groups from the canton, investors, authorities from other institutions, and even other municipal workers sometimes participate in hearings.


You can also request a hearing if you want the local government to listen to any concerns, complaints, or projects you have in mind. 

Don’t know where to start? We will now provide you with the details of which day and at what time the sessions are held, the link where you can follow the broadcast (for those that have them), and where you can find the minutes of the council sessions. 

The schedules may change in the coming days with the decisions of the new council members. We will update this note with any modifications that occur.



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Note from journalist: The article was updated on June 11, 2024 to modify the day on which the Liberia City Council is held, as the councilors agreed to move it to Tuesday. Previously it was held on Monday.