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The Noble Knight of Samara

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Once upon a time a noble knight from the kingdom of Cartago ventured out into the world.  He traveled far and wide and saw many wondrous things, and many dark and fearful things,  but he always stayed true to his quest for knowledge and beauty.

He found great inspiration in literature, music, calligraphy, zen philosophy,  and a handful of other pursuits, but in the end he found that color and light were the keys to his quest.  So he gathered paint and brushes and found a place beside the sea and settled in to live his life in peace and harmony.  Each morning he rose to the sounds of Mozart and quietly read and sketched, taking moments here and there to sip a cup of coffee and gaze out at the sea.

Sir James of Bongoland is the name he has bestowed upon himself.  His friends, he has many, call him Don Jaime.  Today this blue-eyed Tico still lives on the beach in Samara, between the town’s center and the next village, Matapalo. 

His routine remains the same to this day.  He rises early, puts on music, makes his coffee and has a little something as he sketches on old newspapers or reads about the lives and thoughts of his heroes, the artists that came before him, the ones that touch his heart and excite his mind, Picasso, Modigliani, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Klee, Henri…geniuses who generously share their genius with him through paintings and writings.  After a time of solitude and introspection, study and practice, he may stroll into town to run his errands or visit friends, or friends my come by for coffee and cake in his garden.  In the middle of the day’s heat, he is still.  In the evening he revives again to do what must be done.  He is a gentle man who sees magic and wonder in everyone and everything.

He translates this magic into beautiful paintings in vibrant colors.  The paintings are captured dreams that swirl with beautiful mysterious faces, music and light.  And in each one you will find a little spinning top that reminds us that we live in a topsy turvy world that is spinning almost out of control.  The paintings are a combination of elegant, bold shapes and calligraphic line work, sometimes etched through wet paint to expose the layers below.

You can visit Jaime Koss’s gallery by walking down the beach, there are signs at the entrance to his studio and gallery.   If you visit, don’t expect a polished salesman to greet you.  You are welcome, but the artist prefers to let you look and enjoy the work from your own perspective, not based on some canned sales pitch.

If you have questions please ask, but be prepared, he has the soul of a poet and his answer will not be what you expect.  Take the time to listen and to contemplate his words.  It isn’t every day you get to listen to the wisdom of a mystical knight from Bongoland.

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