The Odyssey of Traveling by Bus to Nosara

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About 35 years ago, the first public bus made the trip to Nosara, completely changing the dynamics of the town. Nowadays, although passengers no longer travel with livestock in wooden truck beds, the landscape and the roads seem to be the same. Even the bus seems to be the same one that first came to Nosara.

Traveling in this retro bus, in which time seems to have stood still, is a real odyssey. The dust in the summer, the rain in the winter, the bumps, the heat, the tumult and the human body odors are the main characters.

For those who travel as part of their daily routine, this trip represents an ordeal that is difficult to get used to, or if they grew up riding this bus, the journey is a daily siesta. For a leisure traveler, it is an opportunity to soak in the deeper essence and local characters of this rural town because all sorts of people from all over the world walk down these aisles.

During the two -hour trip, the “cazadora” (hunter) becomes a moment for introspection, friendship, culture and communion between strangers.

What is certain is that anyone who hasn’t taken this particular bus at some time is missing out on an iconic cultural symbol. Who knows how many more years the bus will continue to run because if pavement reaches this area someday, the experience will be different.