The Santa Cruz Prosecutor’s Office raids the Municipality of Carrillo for alleged false information in an internal competition

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Translator: Jana Saldana

The Santa Cruz Deputy Prosecutor’s Office conducted a raid on the Municipality of Carrillo on the morning of Friday, June 21, “with the goal of collecting documentary evidence” to determine if false information was included in an internal competition (alleged crime of ideological falsehood).

This was how it was detailed by the press department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in response to an inquiry from The Voice of Guanacaste.

The investigation, processed under file 24-000675-0412-PE, is investigating two individuals with the surnames Morales Ruiz and Moraga Arrieta.

Mayor Diana Méndez Masís stated that one of the individuals under investigation is a current official of the Municipality of Carrillo.

The official joined in 2023 and participated in a competition in January 2024 for a promotion. It is a case from the previous administration, before my tenure began [on May 1 of this year],” she detailed.

Méndez also specified that the raid was conducted in the human resources department, located in the annex building, where they have the digital file. Additionally, the legal advisory department provided a physical document of the credentials of the official under investigation.

“They [the prosecutor’s office] did not inform me why they initiated [the investigation], only that it was a raid conducted by the OIJ,” said the head official.

“All the information was gathered, and I am always willing to cooperate with the judiciary or any other entity that sees fit to do so,” she added.