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The Saprisista who Trains Women in Nosara

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Ever since Haylen Noguera had the chance to train with the first-division team Saprissa, she realized she wanted to become a soccer coach.

In May, Noguera, 32 years old, proposed forming a women’s soccer team in Nosara. She is now training 21 women who range in age from 16 to more than 40 years old.

The majority of the players are mothers, which, according to the coach, is why they make a special effort to be able to enjoy the sport.

“On some occasions, one of the players –  or I myself – have to entertain a baby so that a companion can play and that’s how we handle it. We also contribute money so someone can travel and other people who own vans take us to different places and charge us little or nothing,” explained Noguera.

The women train three days per week at the field in downtown Nosara. In addition to Nosara residents, the team also includes players from Belen, Garza, Ostional and Barco Quebrado.

According to Noguera, the struggle to gain ground is not only on the soccer field, as they have had to deal with taunting, insults and vulgarity from men.

Noguera and Freddy Brenes formed the Sports Support Committee a month ago and are waiting to be sworn in by the Municipality of Nicoya to legally form the committee.

Women interested in playing with them can contact Noguera by calling 8612-2100.