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The Seasoning of the Most Famous Negra in La Cruz

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Oscar Arias, Miguel Angel Rodriguez and Laura Chinchilla are some of the former presidents who have tried the cooking of Leonor Corea, better known in La Cruz as “la Negra.”

Her restaurant, La Negra, located on the main road just four kilometers from the center of La Cruz, is not only famous because of the government leaders who have eaten there but also for the variety of seafood and meat that Corea has cooked for nearly 38 years.

A favorite is the seafood soup, which can be made in water or milk, and comes with crab, clams, lobster, fish and mussels.  Itfits the bill perfectly when facing a hard day in La Cruz’s heat. Water-based soup is priced at ¢6,200 ($11.80), and in milk it costs ¢7,600 ($14.50).

The place is spacious with a mansion-like style. It has large wooden tables and big TV screens on every side, ideal for sharing the experience with a large family.

The menu offers a variety of meats such as tenderloin steak served with mashed potatoes and vegetables at a cost of ¢3,390 ($6.40).

“La Negra” likes to spoil her customers. In addition to being the owner, she is the head chef, so even if the menu doesn’t include a special dish for vegetarians and vegans, she comes up with something in the kitchen, making some salad or casado (traditional Costa Rican plate that includes rice, beans, and side dishes) with vegetables.


Hours: Every day from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Good: The bathrooms are spacious and clean. The dishes are a nice size and very good quality.

The Bad: The fans are not sufficient and it is very hot inside.