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The Time Has Come to Plant Together!

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About one year ago, following the successful 2013 planting of trees through the community restoration project BarriGuiones, we knew that the work was just beginning.

During the first three years of BarriGuiones (2011-2013), the trees planted were produced, developed and transported from the central valley. The nursery Costas Verdes, the association leading and implementing the project, has had a coastal forestry nursery in the center of the country for several years, and the production of trees for its projects has been complimented, until now, with trees that ICE generously has donated since 2009.

However, the goal of restoring the forest in Playa Guiones would ideally mean developing the trees locally, under the control of the community.

In October of 2013, following trips to collect seeds and seedlings, we decided to build the first BarriGuiones nursery, located at the Nosara Beach Hostel. It was made possible thanks to donations from local companies and the sweat of tourists and residents, some volunteering, others paid. After some months of continuous work and care, we were able to produce more than 2,000 trees, which was our goal to plant during 2014 for the project. The nursery was such a success that recently we expanded it to twice its original size.

Today, we have more than 2400 trees of 35 different native coastal species that are growing with every passing moment. The experience and knowledge that we have gained through the effort have been enormous, especially because of the huge challenges the dry season involves. Days of strong trade winds are hellish!

Now I wake up every day thinking about whether new seeds have germinated; if the trees are bigger. My passion for these trees is so big that at times I think I’m obsessed with them.

Finally, we are ready and anxious to start with this year’s plantings and we are so proud to have achieved the goal of growing all of the trees here. I am sure that the trees coming from the local seeds of local trees will be a genetic advantage that will allow for quick and efficient adaptation in their new home: Playa Guiones.

We are motivated and have the energy and resources needed to plant all the nursery’s trees. But for me, it is not the same to plant the trees with my work crew as with my entire community. BarriGuiones belongs to everyone. Its benefits are always ample and can be enjoyed by anyone who visits, works or simply likes the beach. I invite our neighbors, companies and schools to participate in the planting, which begins on June 15, when we will celebrate the Day of the Tree, as well as Father’s Day.

To see the calendar for BarriGuiones 2014 plantings, visit:

You can also contact me at: [email protected]