COVID-19, Fact Checking

The Voice of Guanacaste joins Latin American network of fact-checkers to fight misinformation on COVID-19

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With the COVID-19 came also the overabundance of false information and its rapid spread among people and media. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls it “infodemic” and The Voice of Guanacaste, with its project The Voice Fact Checking, joined with 21 Latin American media to fight it.

The initiative consists of the generation of two large databases: one with fact checking, verifications and explanations on the new coranavirus, and another with the measures being taken by each of the 15 countries represented by the media to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

We partner to share the information we produce ,and by joining forces, to provide better information to our communities. The disinformations that circulate in many cases are the same in different countries and being able to count on the work of others helps to deny falsehoods more quickly and prevent their spread, “explains the website that contains the information.

The bases are open and anyone can consult them, although it was designed mainly for other journalists and specialists in the region. 

The project is led by the Argentine media Chequeado, the first site in Latin America dedicated to speech verification and is supported by the Google News Initiative.

The other media participating in the initiative and also part of the Latamchequea network are: Salud con Lupa, Lupa from Brasil, Bolivia Verifica, La Silla Vacía and Colombiacheck from Colombia, La Nación from Costa Rica with Nocomacuento, Periodismo de Barrio and El Toque from Cuba, Ecuador Chequea y GK from Ecuador, Maldita from Spain, Ocote Agency from Guatemala, Political and Verified Animal of Mexico, El Surtidor from Paraguay, Ojo Público y Convoca from Perú, Poletikard from Dominican Republic, Uyuyo from Uruguay and Efecto Cocuyo from Venezuela.

More partnerships

Since March 18, in The Voice of Guanacaste we made official our information alliance with to share jointly all the information that will be published in both media, regarding the containment measures to stop the spread of the virus in Costa Rica.

Why are these alliances? We are convinced that one of the most effective ways to combat the impact of COVID-19  in the country and to reduce the spread of infection is to access truthful information at all times and that together we will do so more efficiently.