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The Voice of Guanacaste to Alleviate Teachers’ Stress with Music Therapy Workshop

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Children are beautiful; they are cheerful, noble and filled with happiness, but they also jump, shout, cry, kick and when more than 30 of them are together, the situation is twice as complicated. That is the scene that Guanacaste’s public school teachers have to face day after day; although they have the responsibility to do so, it usuallyproduces stress and tension.

The question that many immediately ask is how to not only recognize when you are suffering from stress, but also to learn to cope with it in a healthy way, both for the teacher and the students. Music therapy is one of the options.

The Voice of Guanacaste decided to invite Max Teran, who is certified in music therapy, to offer a free workshop to 20 Guanacaste educators.

Music therapy is a health discipline that consists of using music and its elements to help people’s cognitive, emotional, spiritual and social development while restoring health at work.

As it is a profession, the only people able to apply the discipline are music therapists, which is to say, thosewho have earned a graduate or postgraduate degree from a higher education institution that offers the training.

Teran is holds a degree in Clinical Music Therapy from the University of the Savior (Universidad delSalvador) in Argentina.

“The workshop is a space for development and knowledge, recognizing daily stress and that [people] can, individually, use these tools to change their quality of life and recognize stress factors, not only for them but for the children or coworkers at the school,” explained Teran.

Want to be Part of the Workshop?

The workshop will be held November 7 in Nicoya and will last three hours. As there is only space for 20 teachers, The Voice of Guanacaste has decided to hold a contest on the social network Facebook, for which participants should share our logo on their wall, tag La Voz de Guanacaste’s account or include the hashtag #LaVozDeGuanacasteand tell us why you would like to participate in the workshop.

The 20 people whose post has the most “likes” by October 20 will win. The names of those 20 people will be announced on our Facebook page on the 21st.

We would like to advise participants that contest winners will dance, sing and make music as a form of inner exploration. Come ready to start a journey filled with positive results.