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The Voice will hold a storytelling workshop in Liberia

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Translator: Arianna Hernández

The Voice of Guanacaste will hold a storytelling workshop on May 12 at 2:30 p.m. at the public library in Liberia. You can sign up at this link. The workshop is conducted entirely in Spanish.

This and other workshops in several areas of the province are part of the “Historias de camino” (Stories from the Road) project, an idea that this medium came up with, which received support from the Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCJ for the Spanish acronym) Becas Taller (Workshop Scholarships).

The Culture fund supports initiatives that recognize and strengthen different expressions of intangible cultural heritage. The Voice of Guanacaste wanted to continue documenting and promoting tallas, which are short, exaggerated stories about life in the countryside. 

Last year, The Voice delved into understanding this oral tradition and produced the podcast “Historias de camino,” with participation from iconic figures from the province like Guadalupe Urbina and Jaime Gamboa.

Now, the stories that come up from this series of workshops will be part of the podcast’s second season.  

During the last two weeks, the workshops were developed in Pozo de Agua in Nicoya, Los Angeles in Nandayure and Las Juntas in Abangares.

“The workshop was very interesting since they told stories that were fictitious to a certain point and entertaining,” commented Deivis Matarrita, who participated in the workshop in Nandayure.

“It was extremely valuable for recovering the oral tradition because it’s part of our culture but we’ve been losing it with the passing of time,” he added.

Betting on Culture

“Documenting the history of Guanacaste and promoting the province’s identity around its healthiest traditions is fundamental for The Voice of Guanacaste,” commented The Voice’s executive director, Maria Fernanda Cruz.

The workshops are a forum for listening to the communities, for them to tell us their adventures, their problems and their joys. They are also an opportunity to connect the country with the province and for us to enjoy it from wherever we are,” she added.

With this work, we’re bringing to light the stories of princesses and chiefs from the province, of the origin of the names of the cantons, of the Chorotegas who were enslaved and sent far away from the province and even of the extinct megafauna.

That’s also why we produced the podcast “Historias de camino.”

In addition, this is the third time in a row that The Voice has won competitive funds from the MCJ, which helps us to continue working to promote and document Guanacaste’s culture. You can review our projects here:

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2019-2020: Identity Tours

2021-2022: Historias de camino