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Theater Created by Guanacastecans Students Were Presented on College Week

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College Week wrapped up on Friday September 6, after five days of recreational and cultural activities involving the Nicoyan public and students of the National University (UNA).

For Daniela Alvarez, from the Student Association and member of the event’s organizing committee, the activity was a success because it had the support of students as well as a large number of Nicoyans. “The purpose was to involve the community in general… we held all sorts of activities for every taste and in the end people responded well,” she explained.

This is an activity that takes place every year in different campuses of the National University to promote sports and recreation.

On his last day of activities, two theatrical works were presented in the campus events hall: Vida de Las Prostitutas (The Life of Prostitutes) and El Chicle Sabroso (The Tasty Gum).

Andrés López, a business administration student only 18 years old, premiered his work, titled Vida de Las Prostitutas, which shows the human side of the women involved in prostitution. “Normally these women are seen as selling their bodies for a little money… in this play, we highlight the human side: their dreams, goals, who they struffle for, their family environment, etc.,” explained Lopez.

He is part of the Erase Una Vez (Once Upon a Time) theater group, which is composed of 11 students of different academic careers. They held rehearsals for about a month and a half to prepare the play.

Another drama group present on stage was Una Escena (A Scene) from the Liberia campus. The group is made up of 10 members, and the director is Audy Chavarria Cid.

Their play is titled El Chicle Sabroso and is 25 minutes long.

The entire play revolves around a character that loses his gum. For him, the gum is like an imaginary friend. “He finally finds it and feels pleased because it has a new flavor,” explained Chavarria.

According to Chavarria, the message of the play is to not judge things at first sight, which leads to misinterpreting things. “We try not to judge a book by its cover; rather we should read at least the first three pages to be able to say whether I like it or not,” he commented.

Chavarria said that what they aim for with these theatrical works is to leave a message in addition to strengthening the identity of the students and thus overcome the fear of being in public.

College Week culminated with a dance in the hall of the Bar Discoteca Relax in the center of Nicoya.